Brno Open Source Declaration: The story of the Czech National OSPO

The purpose of this Declaration is to kick-start the process of creation of the Czech National Open Source Programme Office (Czech OSPO) for the public and academic sector in Brno, Czech Republic. And to help create and activate the community around use of Open Source in these sectors to develop further collaborations within and beyond public sector and academic OSPOs.


Open source is present everywhere. All around the world, companies and public services are using open-source collaborative methods to innovate and build new solutions. In this perspectice Open source is also close to the essence of public service and academia because:
  • It is a public code, which makes it a good use of public money, one that promotes freedom of choice and avoids getting 'locked in'
  • It makes it easy to use and reuse software solutions, so we can pool efforts to create valuable cross-border and cross-domain services that are interoperable and increase efficiency
  • It is easy and efficient to add features to open source software, which can be freely shared with anyone for any purpose. This means that everyone can benefit.
Actions steps towards the Czech National OSPO discussed during the Open Source Driving the European Digital Decade conference
To sign a Memorandum of Cooperation between the key local and global stakeholders both from public sector and academia willing to work on establishing the Czech National OSPO in Brno.
To sign Manifesto of the EU public services OSPO network created by the City of Paris and European Commission OSPOs and to be active in the EU OSPO public sector OSPO regular meetings.
To start the process of cooperation between Czech and international open source communities to establish a functional cooperation on particular projects (e.g. with Paris, Baltimore or Swedish OSPO) and to support the efforts of the Swedish and Spanish Presidency of the Council of the European Union in this area in 2023.
To further develop the Czech National Open Source Portal as a key element of further Czech National OSPO activities and to establish functional collaboration between the newly established Digital Information Agency of the Czech Republic (DIA) in 2023.
To monitor and to promote the activities and case studies of the Czech Republic in the area of open source towards the public sector and academic institutions.
To establish the first virtual and later physical Czech National OSPO office in Brno. Till that time, the “pre-secretariat” of the Czech National OSPO is managed by the NGO Otevřená města. Further information about the declaration and possibilities of cooperation on this effort can be found at or at

Signatories of the DECLARATION


Benedikt Kotmel
Head of Data Platform Department, Operátor ICT


CEO, Eva Pavlíková
Founder, Petr Illek


Dorota Volavková


Elizabieta Godlewska
Partner development, Linux Professional Institute


Hlídač státu
CEO, Michal Bláha


Jakub Onderka
Security analyst, National Cyber and Information Security Authority
Jan Jílek
Jiří Doubravský
Developer, Magistrát města Olomouce
Jiří Marek
Open Science manager, Masaryk University
Josef Bátrla
Josef Šmída


Karel Kočí
Developer, Elkrtoline, a.s.
Kristýna Zychová
Open Science coordinator, LIB ČZU
Wikimedia Česká republika
Výkonná ředitelka, Klára Joklová


Lukáš Růžička
Fedora Quality Engineer, Red Hat


Michal Konečný
Michal Růžička
FAIR data specialist, Masaryk University
Markus Richter
State Secretary, BMI


Chairman of the Board, Michal Stanke
Open Cities (Otevřená města)
CEO, Lucie Smolka
Open Content
CEO, Lucie Smolka
OpenForum Europe
Executive director, Astor Nummelin Carlberg


Petr Kovács
Petr Kovar
Program Manager, Red Hat


Robert Pergl
Associate Professor, Czech Technical University in Prague


CEO, Tomáš Svoboda
Tereza Zrnová
Coordinator, Operátor ICT


Valentýna Drtinová


Zdenka Dudová
Masaryk University, Masaryk Memorial Cancer Institute

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